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Ninebot one E+ lights not working


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Hey, there! So I upgraded from my huanxi h3 to a Ninebot One E+ this saturday (got here then) and I've gone 25 miles on it in a day! It's too fun, let me tell you, though, you already know :-).

Anyway, I turned it on tonight after riding it around town and now the side-light LEDs won't come on. Did I mess with something in the application to do this? What do you think is goin' on? I've tried playing with the light-settings to no avail. I hope I can get this thing working again by tomorrow!

Thanks for your help!



So I figured it was the "lamp power switch" toggle, but no matter which way I turn it on or off, the lights still don't come on. I'll play with it a bit more and see if it starts cooperating :P


I'm having a lot of trouble getting this toggle to stick. I've turned it off and on upwards of a dozen times, with the app opened, closed, etc etc. Any one know any tips to make this work? Thanks again


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Ahh!!! Got it working. I had to play with the toggle a lot and turn it on and off a couple of times until it finally showed again. Definitely not messing with that again :D.

Thanks Natethegreat for the suggestion. I just tried that out and it worked.

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