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Kingsong 14s

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Kingsong 14s and Gotway MSUPERx 84v 1600

Asking $550.00 and $1800 respectively

Kingsong: Hi all, I'm selling my learner KS-14s I bought from Wheels 8 weeks ago.  it's at 350km.  I've since upgraded to a faster machine, and this would make a great learner for anyone. It's in great shape aside from the plastics. Everything is working order and runs and plays music as it should. No problems whatsoever. I'm in Norman, ok and can ship or whatever anyone needs. I still have the box and can somehow verify with Jason at wheels that I bought from him. 

Gotway MsuperX: Selling almost brand new. Everything is in working order except the pads came off, but have since put back on. This thing is a beast but I need something more nimble, and it's probably the most uncomfortable ride as I'm a very tall guy and digs directly into the calf muscle. Everything is perfect except a sratch on the outside of the pedal from scraping the wall when it tipped. Just pulled the tag off yesterday. Otherwise in perfect working order. I'm thinking about buying the new Kingsong. Bought this one 4 days ago.

My email is aaron@funkeverything.com 

Listing and Pics: https://offerup.com/item/detail/689667641/

Gotway Msuperx 84v 1600: https://offerup.com/item/detail/689675422/

accept everything except checks through my store at www.funkeverything.com and PayPal. 

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