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Yes, I have both models. There is no difference in the motors part number, but they do paint it in a different part of the motor frame whcih, on first glance, makes them look different. As far as I can see, there is no difference between the 260 and 320 beyond the batteries and some cosmetic changes. Exactly the same firmware works on both platforms. However, the difference in battery quality is huge. The extra capacity of the 320 makes so much difference, especially when you are half-way through your ride :) I am hoping that the hacked firmware will give the 260s a little more range,  as the standard firmware goes into a 'power saving' mode once it drops to 60% or so...

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And is there any actual difference in max speed due to lower battery capacity between N3M320 and N3M240 (N3M260)? On the data spec stickers you see: 18km/h and 16 km/h respectively. Attached oryginal stickers: N3M240 is mine, N3M320 I found on the Internet and that made me slightly concerned...

If the software is the same and the motors should be the same as well I would not expect any other difference than range due to lower battery capacity - or maybe I am wrong. Are there any proved data regarding actual max speed for those two models you are aware of?

Screenshot_20190417-132642_WhatsApp (2).jpg

IMG_20190408_175804_EDIT_1 (2).jpg

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9 minutes ago, FastForward said:

I think that the difference in speed between M240 and M320 is due to motor power: 700W vs 800W. 

So I should expect difference in motors between N3M320 and N3M240 if I am correct? But on the other hand N3M240 has the same parameters as N3M260 and @trevmar suggestes motors are the same as for N3M320. Is it actual difference in hardware of the motors or just their power parameters due to different battery - if I would connect M320 battery to M240 unit - would it increase speed as well? 


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I have four miniPRO, two of the M240 variety, two of the M320 variety. There doesn't seem to be any difference in the actual body or circuit boards. However, there is a difference in the batteries.

Now I am biased, because I have twice been thrown by an M240-powered machine switching off and de-powering. A week ago I dislocated my shoulder after an M320 machine with an M240 battery decided to switch off while going down a steep hill at about 10Km/h. I found myself on the ground with my machine beside me excitedly beeping with that ominous continuous beep to indicate it has shut off. I recall nothing unusual happening prior to the fall. My wife has ridden this machine without problems, but she is only about 160lbs, I am 200lbs. And she always uses the M320 battery.

I think that the firmware can get into an undefined state with the lower power battery. I believe that this lower power battery is indeed rated at only 85Kg, as is printed on it, but the marketing folk have been hiding this from us. We normally always ride with an M320 battery, but I was doing a test of Swallowbot, and the other firmware versions available to me. I will not be riding with the M240 batteries again (except in emergencies).

A third-party manufacturer in China has started to advertise (M240 compatible) replacement batteries with a Ninebot-compatible BMS. Notable on the specifications is the loose current limit specification (4.5 -8A), as if this were programmable by the CPU. There is a lot we still don't know about the miniPRO, even after these years of use, and I strongly recommend staying with the bigger 310Wh battery if at all possible, especially if you weigh a little above average...


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