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Ninebot Es2 battery doesn't fully charge.

Dan Dan

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Hi team i recently bought a Ninebot es2 scooter (2 months) and the the battery at fully charge according to the app is full at 89% 😭😭😭 this seems to be true as the last bar goes straight to flashing as i start it , also I'm getting about 15km range out of it these days rather than the 20-25 i used to get.

I couldn't find a factory reset or anything like that. 

Please any advice will be appreciated.

I'm in brisbane Australia , 


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 Well then you probably have a battery that has become disconnected and I don't mean the whole battery, I mean one or two batteries that are in your column of batteries in your internal battery. your Li-ion battery pack is made up of several batteries packed together in a column to get to 36v ~ 5200 mAh / 187 Wh . 10INR19/66-2.

You can either open it up (more like crack it open) and resolder all the battery connections after your find the one that is loose or buy another battery pack.





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