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  1. The Segway software has limiter built in, just set the value and enable the limiter and your done
  2. So without the external your internal charges? if that's the case then you have a faulty external battery and need to exchange it. When connecting the external batter it makes a loop circuit so both internal and external can be charged and drain equally.
  3. Unless you have the equipment to remove this part and the unique equipment to reconnect it, (which will be really hard) not to mention that other parts are also burnt. it will be cheaper to just replace the whole unit.
  4. Yes, the app will work to upgrade the BMS. You will need to disconnect the battery from controller and then reconnect power, which enable the bluetooth to start over and then use the phone app to connect within the first 15 seconds and then do the upgrade
  5. That is a serious issue and you would be better getting a new controller board or a replacement clone type of board you don't have the equipment to disconnect the chip off the board and most likely can reconnect it back.
  6. Took my ebike apart today to figure out how to improve the speed. Right now it only goes 30KM and I was wondering if any has tried to burn a new version of controller system or replacing it all together I examine each plug to figure out what they were connected to. Does anyone have experience working with other other 46V controllers that I could use to replace my controller with to give it more power.
  7. So there is a way to update the firmware on your dashboard so you won't have all those issues related to the new updates in the firmware. DashBoard Update
  8. Let's correct this terminology, wrong serial number is the ERROR you get but in reality it's just that the USB connections is out of sync
  9. You got the wrong control board, you got one for ES1 and not a ES2 that now have that support, you will have to get another board to have the lights be in the EEPROM and visible by the bluetooth software
  10. Well I would limit the speed, speed was not the issue. You were just gifted with a bad control board. The quality of the manufacturing isn't the greatest. I've drove mine for 500+ miles and have never had a failure yet, even in 107 F weather. I'm just lucky to get a good combination that lasted. Mine is a ES4 and it's max speed is 17 mph so not sure how you get 21 mph, but that is a great speed and it's beyond the internal specs of the electrical circuits installed. I've found that only Water is not your friend when it comes to riding these scooters.
  11. Try doing a simple reset Hold the left and right throttle and brake at Full , best to just tape in position then turn on and hold the power button down until beeping pattern changes, usually 15 seconds then let power button go, get a error and ignore remove the tape, power it off and then back on and see if this fixes your issue.
  12. This scooter sounds to be in a locked state, you will need to try and do a reset , that process is explained in the group chat.
  13. what are the symptoms of you not being able to ride your scooter? Model ? extra battery? there is always going to be some variance in the values you get from chip to chip so a .3 is high by not uncommon. does it power on?
  14. I've updated and I have ES1 with extended battery and I'm still getting the same speed 16Mph /27Kmh, i wish they would allow us to change this to 25mph since I know it can go that fast
  15. You need to run the Segway app and look at the battery section. if you have 2 batteries then look at each battery bank and see if there is a battery that is not charging Connect with Bluetooth to your scooter Select the "Battery" in the menu selections Scroll down and you will see "Battery Cells' voltage" , Select this You will then see 10 rows of "Battery Cell1 - 10" and each should be 4.15 to 4.19 voltage rating . (Fully Charged) if any are below 3.0v or less then you may have a bad battery pack, but more likely you scooter has suffered a jolt and disconnected a
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