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  1. You can fix this issue with the segway ninebot app and some timing login to all login in ninebot app with login ninebotservice and password 123456 then disconnect the controller from battery , but keep it connected to display have app running searching for you es1, then connect control back to battery and power on the display immediately bluetooth connect and go into firmware update, start update right away
  2. Swapping the boards will not work, because both use a proprietary firmware for the USB and the BlueTooth communications. The only result is the same of both. Errors. Lime spends a lot more money on trying to protect their birds then Bird does.
  3. @Ena Well then I need to know about your ES, what model do you have ES1,2,3,4? x? is it a hybrid model, a E2 with a E1 frame (a common bird configuration) (it has extended battery but no back suspension , this model is actually more durable then the actual ES2 that came out later and they added the suspension rear end only to have more failures) what version is the ROM, when you connect via bluetooth, you are informed of this information. If the ESx is locked then you can't get it when you took your dashboard unit out does the bluetooth section have NineBot etched on it and does it have a white dot or no dot or some other color. I've been repairing these units for over 2 years and they come in all kinds of hybrid versions.
  4. Yes, America owes China billions and they were dumping all kinds of electronics and other goods and now they are being tariff because of whatever you want to believe the reason to be., The China Sea issue of making man made islands and then taking advantage of the 250 mile international l waters limit and now they can control the whole China sea or Just our president doing whatever he does excuse. Bottom line is goods and services are going to cost more from China for now. Items from China will take longer to deliver. They will do what other countries do and just ship it to some other place like Philippines and say it came from there instead
  5. This is because the battery was not part of the initial setup, the BMS is not communicating with controller the same was as the internal BMS is you will need to simple reset and firmware update or a full reset and firmware update. try the simple one first, connect the external battery , have mobile app running and ready to connect press electric brake and electric throttle to the max and press the power bottom at the same time, then turn off the unit then back on and wait till blinking pattern changes (15 seconds usually) then turn off then turn back on and immediately connect with bluetooth app and quickly go to firmware update (you should know where this is in the app ahead of time) and do the firmware update. It will know the external BMS does not match the internal BMS and do a FW update.
  6. The Battery is directly connected to the controller all the time inside the TUBE you must disconnect the battery from the Controller , they expected Tech to have the unit apart when doing this so it's a involved procedure You have to twist the plastic cap thats inside the tube on both ends counter clockwise, its best to use a sturdy and medium long needle nose pliers put the tip the plies tips into the small circular indents and twist counter clockwise until you see it aligns up with the slot guides in the tube and the circular cap will come out with to effort and you will have to do this on both sides there is a great video of a chinese tearing a ninebot down after that, you will be ready, this assumes that at this point you have the dashboard and the brake and throttle connected to the dashboard and still on the T-bar then disconnect and reconnect the battery to the controller with the controller already connected to the Dashboard make sure to hold the power down for atleast 15 seconds, you will see a different light pattern at this time and you will know you did it right then unplug the battery again and turn it back on and you should be able to the change in the dashboard press for 2 seconds again with it on to see it make the S red if its white, Check the app to see if you have the speed set to minimum if this did not work the try the basic reset Start at no battery connected to controller, use tape to make both the brake and the throttle set to max, press the power button down and hold connect the battery to the controller and wait for the same blinking light pattern again. 15 seconds then stop pressing power, remove the tape , scooter should now show white, press power 2 seconds and it should change to red otherwise check app again to see if speed throttle is on.. (
  7. Well anyone can do 40 Miles in 96 Minutes if you can maintain the right speed for that distance and do have room in that model to have enough batteries to do it, battery in the column and battery in the base
  8. You will need to do a full reset, press and hold the power button on the dashboard connect the power cable to the controller ( you will have to have it taken apart to access this part) hold button until it flashes a different pattern , normal pattern is just a blink a second , you should see several rapid blinks then disconnect the power release the button from the dashboard reconnect the power to the controller and then press the dashboard power on button all should be good at this point, if not go back and do it again. your too slow or not hold button long enough to clear the memory preset, if you had a extended battery attach you should be getting 27kph, but that assumes you are driving on a flat surface, no incline and you weight under 100kgs
  9. they are alway making some changes but they will not offer you a update to the control board since the Dashboard would also have to be updated because of the firmware they are using
  10. if the "B" is burnt out it will not show any signs you should just shunt it , after fully disconnection of battery and then reconnect battery and look for the beep of the dashboard.
  11. They cut corners means they use the cheapest part to fix a problem with the design. the :"B" is in there because they know the unit gets too hot and fails the whole board If you stay within the weight limit then you should be fine, 100-120kg is fine for short runs of 5 to 10 miles in one constant run otherwise 120kg in short runs of 2 miles, then cooldown, then 2 more miles , then cooldown the stress of the amount of electrical current going through the thin wires is what makes the unit need the"B" fast fuse switch to try and keep the current flow low and thus keep the unit cool and not overheat. if the "B" does break, then just Shunt it, don't bother replacing it because the way you are using the scooter is beyond the normal specifications and your just going to have to replace the "B" again and again
  12. This price is really unbelievable and I have serious doubt as to these actually working. On the dashboard unit, when you look at the chips on the bottom is there a WHITE dot? yes - then possibly a good unit as for it being still locked, you need to have every disassembled because you will need to have access to the battery powerline to the controller and disconnect there but have the controller connected to dashboard when you connect the power to the controller does the dashboard beep 1 time? yes then continue disconnect power run segway app and start scanning plug in the power see the unit on the app and select it and immediately go to firmware update did you get to firmware update ? yes - then continue, otherwise try again until you get it right if firmware update fails at anypoint, do the whole process again again until it works once the firmware is updated , do the process again until it says your firmware is up to date then, disconnect power from controller press and hold the power button on the dashboard connect the power cable to the controller hold button until it flashes a different pattern , normal pattern is just a blink a second , you should see several rapid blinks then disconnect the power release the button from the dashboard reconnect the power to the controller and then press the dashboard power on button all should be good at this point, if not go back and do it again. your too slow or not hold button long enough to clear the lock
  13. If the Dash does not light up then you've got a conflict in the dash unit. if it drives slow, well that is expected because the scooter is still in a locked state and will only go about 5-6 mph until its unlocked you can't mix dashboards with just any scooter brands either. The scooter has to be the right one. If you have a GPS attached then the Dashboard replacement will not work because its geared for a scooter that doesn't't have a GPS unit. To make sure you have the right dashboard that works, you will need have the scooter fully disassembled to figure out where the problem is. it is key to be able to unplug the power from the battery to the controller in order for the app to be able to access the Diagnostic mode of the dashboard. Because once the batter is connected to the controller and the controller is connected to the Dashboard, the dashboard is already ON and you need to access it before that point. Meaning unplug battery , plug in dashboard to controller, but make sure controller is not plugged into battery then have phone app ready and on and searching for bluetooth. then plugin battery to controller and the instant you see the bluetooth connection you connect to it and run the update firmware if you are slow to get this right, it will say all kinds of errors, wrong serial, 35 error etc but if you do it right, you will get firmware update screen and then it work fine from there
  14. Well shunting the 'B' fuse is best option so far, I have replaced the 'B' fuse with another higher rater 'B' fuse, only to have it fail again. The controller board is flawed. Shunting works for a long time until the whole control must be replaced They cut corners and this is why the 'B' fuse is there in the first place. They failed to build the circuit with proper tolerances and so they decide to add a quick 'B' fuse to solve the issue I usually just Shunt the system and the next time it will be replacing the controller board. The rider usually only rides 10 Km so it really hit maxium threshold failure unless it's a Hot day, or rider is more then the 100kg specification.
  15. The 'B' chip is a quick Thermal fuse. It is here to try and prevent the system from getting too hot for extended uses or heavy loads. It will toggle on and off very quicky, and this will cause poor performance when the light is on. Not enough current can flow to the motor, and it is not able to get enough electricity If you replace this with just soldier or you buy a new 'B' thermal fuse. It is connected to Red wire and controls the flow of electricity to the motor bridge and lights.
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