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  1. ionbrain

    Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4 - won't turn on

    okay let me be more specific, i think you have a different model you hold left brake and press the on button and wait until the 10 error clears turn off you now hold the right throttle and press the on button (hold down) wait until the 10/14 error clears turn off now press brake and throttle and press the on button (hold down) wait until the 10/14 error clears it should beep and flash for 10 full seconds, might be longer, but the display will reset and it should stay in beeping 14 error, now your done
  2. ionbrain

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    When the headlight is on and your power is dropped (lower speed), this means the relay fused is worn out and needs to be replaced in most cases, short the "B" component 1) You could just short the connector and see if it resolves the issue with "Light on" and "lower power output". 2) Other simptom is the output of the batteries are not synced and this is where 1 or 2 cells are bad and preventing full output. You will have to use a ohm meter and check the voltage of each battery unit. 3) The throttle magnets are not fully seated, pull off the throttle and check the magnets and make sure they are glued into the right place. 4) The wheel unit is failing and you will need to open and clean it. or check the wiring at the bottom of the pole and see if any of the wires are worn out. 5) if speed is still limited, then your control board is programmed to be lower speed, replace control board to allow speed change. Note: most new birds are not fixed at the lower speed due to accidents happening at the higher speeds and causing severe damage, so they have lowered the speed output.
  3. Well that particular one is a BLACK resistor without a label 100 ohm should be the value But with this being blown, it's clearly showing there is a short on the board and there most likely more damage to other components, I recommend you just buy the new control board because this rabbit hole of failures will keep you digging and replacing other components.
  4. ionbrain

    Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4 - won't turn on

    The most simplest way to reset a locked scooter is to press the brake down and throttle down and then press the power bottom at the same time for a long 10 seconds Then release both brake and throttle press the power button until it Turns off the unit When you turn it on password has been cleared
  5. ionbrain

    Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4 - won't turn on

    I'm confused here, is the scooter LOCKED and not CHARGING? Suggestions Not Charging well if its locked that could be a scenario of not allowing the charge (it has happen a few times to me )
  6. ionbrain

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    The error 35 is pointing to a bad controller issue, most likely a ES1 controller board in a ES2 scooter, as for changing serial number, that's only possible with full disassembly and connecting to a unit that can fully erase the EEPROM and reprogram it. You cannot change the serial without the right equipment. I have also seen this issue also when you have a new controller that is not in sync and it gives the error serial number conflict which is a poor description. what you should try is do a full disassemble because you will need your controller to be disconnected from the battery on and off and this could take a few tries. you must have the segway app on and scanning and the scooter off. then power connect the battery to the controller and try and connect via bluetooth and you will get the update firmware option and you must press update quickly or you will lose your window of chance and have to start all over again. after updating the firmware, you will have to manually again try to update the firmware again until it is fully updated everything. what firmware version do you have? what scooter do you have? there are so many combinations need more information to make a better assessment
  7. ionbrain

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    If its beeps then the dashboard is not connecting correctly. The beeping can only come from the dashboard speaker, nothing else has a audio component. Check the scooter and do you see it on the Bluetooth connection with the Segway application ( I would think so) and if it connects you should see the error code and tell me what that code is and since the display is not working, I suggest you open the top bar off and disconnect the round connector, that's the 4 pin connector and look at all the pins, sounds like a bad connection or a bent pin.
  8. Well the soder should only cover thee FUSE and the next resistor in a single line if you got a connection on the Brown resistors then yes it would blow the whole circuit since your crossing the power supply lines and forcing the full voltage around your bridge ( the aluminum back panel ). At this point you could order from Amazon so you have the ability to get a refund if the unit is not a genuine. When you get the part you will get errors because the EEROM is not in sync with the BMS EEROM or the Dashboard EEROM you will need to be quick on the bluetooth activation to get the update firmware option from your phone to fix those issues and you will be good to go. I do recommend taking your scooter completely apart and getting it to work in pieces on the floor before reassembling it and trying to have a go at it. This is because you will have to disconnect the Controller from the battery a few times to clear out cache values and you will also need to set phone to Airport mode to clear out its cached values and try the whole process again and again until it syncs all the EEROMS Segway has just release a 2019 update to the firmware which makes the scooter limit the speed to 20 K as a default now.
  9. Well I replace them with this if I have the time, otherwise it's a soldier bridge. Hope this helps The Chip Specs are 0.063W 0603 0 Ohm, 5%, Chip Resistor (SMD) PartNumber: RC0603JR-070RL Installation smd 0603 Nominal resistance 0 unit of measurement om Accuracy,% five Power rating, W 0.063 Working voltage, V 50 Operating temperature, C -55 ... 155 Body length L, mm 1.6 Width (diameter) of the housing W (D), mm 0.8
  10. you will have to look for SMD (surface mounted) fuse with the high-speed 125 mA self-resetting fuse online or at your electronics store and yes you can go higher, after all some people just build a soldier bridge and keep riding until the whole board is burnt. ( This does depend on the temperature of how hot you let the unit get) but its also was installed so there would be a person needed to repair and replace the unit. (Product security or always needing new parts)
  11. ionbrain

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    Sure if your know your circuits and can decipher the components that are bad. You would need several tools to and schematic would really be helpful. But having said all that, there is no known schematic on the public servers so you would have to do a step by step diagnost of each component. The common failure is the component is the fuse with a "B" on it . I've attached 2 screen captures so you can see what I am talking about. This fast resetting fuse tends to wear out and not enough power can be drawn from the batteries . symptoms are like you turn the light on and you can't go fast anymore, random braking sensation , sputter while riding. This person mentioned he bought a new controller board but It could be a lime controller that requires the GPS to be plugged in inorder to work but I can't tell if it is by text alone. I would need to see a photo of the board and see if there are extra connectors .
  12. ionbrain

    Ninebot es2 wont turn on

    you may have a bad dashboard and need to replace it. I would tend to think this is true because you can't connect via the Seqway app and the bluetooth is on the dashboard and not on the control board. You can order replacements from China
  13. ionbrain

    Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4 - won't turn on

    Your video clearly shows the scooter is LOCKED and you have a dashboard problem. You hear beeps but there is not display turning on. The wheel movement shows they security mode is one and may be password protected. You will need to use the segway app to see if the scooter is locked and you will need to check the wiring on the display or have to replace it.
  14. ionbrain

    Ninbote es4 Speed Issue

    This sounds like a issue with your controller board initially but it could also be your BlueTooth software telling your scooter to use the speed limiter. I would check there first and make sure its turned off. Enable it and make adjustments to the speed and then test and confirm. Then turn it off and confirm that the speed it back to normal. The new segway app bluetooth tends to cache values so its recommend you set your phone to airport mode and then start the app brand new and then disable airport mode and do the test above. If this fix it, great. If not, then you will have to look at the control board as being a issue.
  15. ionbrain

    Ninebot Es2 battery doesn't fully charge.

    Well then you probably have a battery that has become disconnected and I don't mean the whole battery, I mean one or two batteries that are in your column of batteries in your internal battery. your Li-ion battery pack is made up of several batteries packed together in a column to get to 36v ~ 5200 mAh / 187 Wh . 10INR19/66-2. You can either open it up (more like crack it open) and resolder all the battery connections after your find the one that is loose or buy another battery pack.