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NINEBOT MINI PRO Wiring Scheme Battery

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Hi everyone. Does anyone have the internal Mini Pro 320 battery wiring diagram? It opened in two in a bump and some wires were detached from the connector (see photo). Unfortunately, the Ninebot does not work anymore even with a new battery.
However, the battery led flashes green, so it does not look damaged.
Anyone knows if moving the control board on another ninebot recovery the miles of the world rankings? In theory, the bluetooth module should be the part that stores data in relation to the serial ...

Wiring help.JPG

Thermal Sensor.JPG

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ok. I tried to reverse the cabin with the BT module (to understand, the one where there is the power button)
The ninebot is recognized with the name associated with the cabin, but the miles traveled no! evidently they are stored on the control board.

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I'm seeing my battery loosing capacity very fast and don't think is going to last much longer.

No chance to obtain another one, not even used. Not in my country.

So I'm planing to hack this in order to see if it is a chance to detect whatever the problem is and solve it... But not much hope for it (I'm a full time electronic expert whit tools and skils, spot welder and even logic analyzer at my dispose...).

So my plan is to try to revive this battery (Maybe replacing all cells), but also to find a way to trick my little mini Pro in order to use other battery kind arrays.

The first question is: Any guide about opening the battery without doing a mess?

The second question should be: Wiring diagram? (The link you provide is dead) in order to identify the wires that goes whit data (Hope for i2c) to the logic board, and then put the logic analyzer to record any data send from battery to logic, to make it trick that there is a REAL segway battery on it...


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