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What to Buy? Compare to KS18AY+...Help please


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Hey guys, as some of u perhaps know, i sold my ks18ay+ a year ago because i had no time for riding, have small kids and so on - but now i have some more free time and really miss it riding my euc.

For now i have a serious problem...cant decide between MsuperX 84/100V or should i wait for the new KS18XL? KS battery beeps already annoyed me a lot on my ks18ay 680wh - the range wasnt really good as all bc my wheight is about 220 lbs and I`m 184cm in height. (i should have bought a bigger battery that time, i know.) 

I would love if anyone of you guys can give me a comparison (especially in acceleration) of the msx 84 vs 100v vs KS18L vs Ninebot Z10... im not a long range commuter, (mostly 30miles/~40km) so the range is not that important to me. i love acceleration, stiffness and responsiveness. unfortunately nobody in germany have this wheels where i can test them, so i really need your help. 

I have read the 84/100v msuperx thread, but there is no comparison in acceleration or general behavior - i did not found any comparison between the 18L / msuperx performance wise. mostly its about the range, safety, build quality, etc. euc guy has a great acceleration video on yt, but still no comparison to other wheels like Z10 / KS18L / msuperx 84v. 


So: what would you guys go for maximum performance (not the highest speed) ? Acceleration, stiffness, responsiveness. 


Thank you in advance and safe riding :)

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