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KS16s Not Showing up as Bluetooth Speakers


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I have used this wheel as bluetooth speakers before but am having a great deal of trouble connecting to it now. The "SK16..." ID for the wheel's data connection shows up and I can connect to it fine using the KingSong app but the "media" connection (or whatever it's classed as) which one uses to use the wheel as speakers rarely shows. On the rare occasion it does show when I attempt to connect to it it says it's "connecting..." (or something) for a while but eventually says "connection failed" (or simular). As I say, I can connect to the data connection fine using the KingSong app and have ensured the multi-media option is active (yellow notes button) but no matter what I do I can't seem to get the wheel to show up as a multi-media device. Any idea how to get this working?

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