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KS14S Illegal equipment.


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This sh** just happened to me. KS14S, firmware 1.09, no updating process involved in the problem whatsoever.

Just turned off, hop on the train, hop off, turn it on again and it decided to stop working. Just beeping  with red lights and NO self balancing. If I move it (dragging the wheel) it gets angrier and beeps more. The app says "illegal equipment" and that is it. I am so infuriated right now. It has forgotten its serial number.

How can it "forget" its serial?
And what is the reason for it to stop working if it forgets it? Really? Is kingsong so worried with people "hacking" the wheels?

Total: 614km, from march. It doesn't sound like a lot. In fact I was just starting to give it real use...


Sorry for my angry posting.


EDIT: It looks like I need the app listed here. The only link there is is not for THAT app:


EDIT2: Found the app. won't use it for now. I will take the wheel to my reseller

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