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  1. So, I won't do anything to fix the lost km, it has been something I just think shouldn't happen. Maybe someday I'll plot all the recorded km to see if some are lost from time to time. My firmware is 1.09. I can update to 1.12, but at 1.10 I saw what it seemed a "feature" that would lock the wheel if serial number invalid, and once my wheel forgot its serial number, so I see no need to upgrade.. Would anyone recommend moving from 1.09 to 1.12 in a ks14s? Thx!
  2. Hey, This comes from EUC.WORLD logs datetime,duration,duration_riding,distance,distance_total 2020-07-23T13:57:52.577+0200,1,0,0.000,3977.313, 2020-07-23T14:01:48.536+0200,236,233,1.371,3978.684 2020-07-27T08:24:03.905+0200,6,0,0.000,3977.498 MY WHEEL (ks14s) HAS FORGOTTEN IT HAS DONE SOME KM!! I am so confused, does this happen often? I have changed phones in between the two logs, but this definitely seems a wheel issue.. right? EDIT: the "previous" point 3977.498: 2020-07-23T13:58:33.970+0200,42,40,0.184,3977.498 now, my whole life of running metrics, measuring km/V of battery, Wh/km, etcetera IT'S A LIE
  3. I still don't get what "kv" is. But worry not, if I need I'll look it up! on a sidenote, @Seba, have you considered using gravatar for default avatars? Mine would be this awesome furry friend:
  4. I wish I could say "gotcha", but I didn't understand a thing! kv=V/(rad/s) = V·s? haha what is that? I need an accelerated course on motor physics. I've gone through them but they didn't stick to the memory
  5. So it's a shame that we can't compare the power to what other wheels do. Thx!
  6. First of all, that's impressive!! Second.. What's also impressive is how much power the wheel is "drinking", looking at the graph it seems the average was above 1kW, during 2.3h, that would mean a minimum battery of 2300Wh, but it looks like websites report 1800Wh battery. And you even mention the wheel was not fully charged. Continuing with the numbers, 2300Wh/70km = 32Wh/km, which is A LOT for a flat surface. I average 15Wh (at the charger level)* on my KS14S in Barcelona which is not flat at all (my tours at least). My point is... are you sure the wheel is reporting the power accurately? Cheers! *I mean, I measure how many Wh (after the transformer and before the battery) I feed the wheel and how many km I ride, which because of charging inefficiencies the number to compare my KS14S to MSP should be lower than 15Wh/km
  7. That was quite an explanation for a game of detectives!! Still, I do not know all the wheels out there. I understand that sharing such information is of a privacy concern, but at the same time we are talking about an app that basically shares GPS coordinates. Today we are doing a demonstration in Barcelona in favor of PMVs and AVAS is going to be there!! Cheers!
  8. Well, I mean on the tours! When you see Seba doing 90km straight you wonder what wheel is he driving? It'd be cool that this is also shown on the euc.world tour.
  9. I would like to know why the wheel model is not displayed. It seems so obvious that is a very interesting piece of information that I just guess there is a reason for it no to be there :p
  10. The external battery pack is meant for charging another battery pack? If not I wouldn't do it. You need something to limit the amps. When charging a battery pack what limits the amps is the charger. I do not expect neither that battery or the charging port of the kingsong wheel to have an amp limiter when charging. Be careful! EDIT: Okay, I see you meant to have both be discharged at the same time by matching voltages at the beginning.. I think this would be fine.. Just make sure you measure the voltage before you connect them and don't assume anything. There is just the issue that 10amps may flow through a wire (in the wheel) that is not expecting more than 2/3 when charging. Btw, regenerative braking will only be sent to the ewheel battery (I am pretty sure there is a diode there preventing outflow). But since then the external battery will have then lower voltage, this seems feasible.
  11. E-Wheels US only (+ Canada). For the time being I don't want the battery pack, I am just surprised that it exists nowhere
  12. It certainly did work before (we are talking about the 25th of June) But now I am not sure whether it happened just when upgrading or when I clicked on "automatic recording" or what.. About what you are quoting. The app knows the initial position and I don't just press "record" and store it in my pocket, I look at the screen and after a couple of seconds the button shows that is not recording anymore, so the GPS/batterysaving settings didn't have the chance to kick in yet. Anyway I just checked and did the recording thing again and stops automatically But I think I just discovered what is going on, I put the setting "stop" recording ASAP. and the "as soon as the wheel is disconnected" is not working since it stops the recording with the wheel connected
  13. I upgraded the other day to "premium" and now the automatic logging of my rides is not working. Even if I disable it and enable it again, it is not recording a thing Any ideas? Anybody else? It doesn't work neither automatically nor manually Cheers!
  14. Yes, but still, it doesn't look like it can be bought anywhere
  15. How is it a thing, and is not in the webpage? And on which webpage? This is weird A.F. because this is not just a bunch of cells and a BMS, it needs more electronics to control the amps delivered, it surely needs a dc-dc transformer (or several).. And not offered to the wide market? And I guess you have contacted the ewheels page... but, where is it on the kingsong official page? Do they sell kingsong products that not even kingsong promote? thx EDIT: Powerbank exists in the official kingsong page: https://www.kingsong.com/list-45.html But not in https://www.kingsong-europe.com/ or https://www.kingsong.es/ or any other store...
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