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Ninebot One S1 stopped charging


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I have a ninebot one S1. Very low miles, never ridden outside in anything but mild weather. 

The last time I plugged it in to charge it didn't beep or light up or anything to indicate the charger was plugged in. The charger itself has the green light so it's getting power. Normally if you hit the power button while charging the motor will not kick in and the ninebot will just show you charge status via the side LEDs, bit in this case the ninebot just turns on as if the charger was not plugged in. Preliminary inspection doesn't show any broken / frayed / corroded wiring. I suspect either there's something wrong with the charger or the charging circuit within the ninebot where it's just not recognizing that the charger is present. I am decent with electronics but can't seem to find info on what voltage to test for and where for this model. Even a pinout of the charge plug would help but the S1 seems to be the bastard child with no info readily available.

Is anyone more intimately familiar with this model that could walk me through troubleshooting or at least give be a better starting point than "Try to find a replacement charger and see if it works?"

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Can you power on your ninebot S1?

I had S1, couldn't power on, but could take charge. Eventually found out the battery fuses were brown.

Here is the thread I created regarding my story:

If you open up the battery, you can measure the resistance of fuse using multi-meter. It should be 0.

If fuse was blown, as mentioned by @Keithvery often, fuse is not the root cause. 

The mother board could be damaged. 

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