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Help!! - Troubleshooting chinese unicycle


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Good morning 

Tank you for accepting me on the forum. I'm new and i spent a lot of time reading the forum for find a solution to the problem of my chinese monocycle, but even if there are a lot of expert people on this forum i didn't found, so that's why i decide to open a new topic for try to help people with the same problem than me. 


I bought a broken unicycle (16"" 350w motor, 60v, 2.15Ah) that don't turn on, i opened it and i found that power button wires were damaged... Very happy, i thinked that i found the solution!!! So, power on, i hear the motor start and i try to move it but... When i try to move it, it cut off. If i don't tilt it, the control board find to balance it. In the several test that i made, i find differents behaviors: motor wire very hot (blue and green only), motor hit and cut of, bloked motor after power on, power on but nothing input in the motor, charge lights not corrects. Try to unplug/invert motor wire and sensors wire but nothing too. 

At first i thinked was a battery problem, like broken bms so i bypass the circuits by soldering power cable directly to poles of battery, but same problem. 

So my doubt now is to know if is a motor problem (wire, hall...) or is a control board issue. And if is it a control board issue is it possible to replace it with another one of a different model (gotaway for example), because there are no replacement parts for the model on the net. 

Trust in yours suggestion, thank you for read and answer. IMG_20180923_205616.thumb.jpg.23bca5aedd279b4e4994cab27c8ae3dc.jpg



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Dont buy these cheap wheels! Dont bother repairing it. Get a descent one. This one is a death machine. That will cost you as much a a good wheel in maintainance. And will likely blow up if you let it sit in the charger at 100%. And generally minimal safety implementation

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