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"Overload please get out" V5F+


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Hey guys, 

I got this message "Overload please get out" and the wheel (InMotion V5F+ ) decided to stop when I was riding under a very little rain (5minutes). Is that normal ? My reseller already changed the motherboard, is there any special things to do when he's reassembling the beast ?

Thank you

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Hi there, 

I've experienced exactly the same glitch, which cause I still can't fully understand. Asked here in 2016-2017 and got no proper answer. And well, after some testing I've concluded that it happens when the motherboard or connectors get wet, even in slightest. It might be some corrosion of the board or the driver glitch that responds to temperature drop or else. 

I have two V5F+ which seem to be from two different batches, because one of them doesn't have that glitch and rides completely normal in the rain and even snow, however the 'faulty' one prefers only dry weather and screams 'overload'. 

There is no 100% workaround, you can stick to sunny weather or try to change the motherboard once again. But I doubt it will help. 

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