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  1. Hey guys, I’m going to visit NYC at the end of march, do you know if any dealers are renting euc for one or two days ? Thank you
  2. Personnaly I'm french living for a year in Montreal so I'm not fluent at all. But in our group we have english speaking people too. Anyway, we speak english if anyone is not fluent in french. When do you want to come ?
  3. If someone is facing this same trouble, I finally bought the official cover for the wheel and it didnt come back. Hope it will help.
  4. Salut les gars, je profite du message de Fred pour partager notre gang facebook de wheelers à Montréal: Montréal Wheelers En attendant le printemps Hey guys, seems to be the best place to share our facebook wheelers group at Montreal: Montréal Wheelers In waiting for spring
  5. Ofc I've already got 104 answers through different communities. Here I think it was interesting having some expert opinions too.
  6. Hey guys, I got this message "Overload please get out" and the wheel (InMotion V5F+ ) decided to stop when I was riding under a very little rain (5minutes). Is that normal ? My reseller already changed the motherboard, is there any special things to do when he's reassembling the beast ? Thank you
  7. Hi guys, I'm Flavien 27 years old I live in Montreal for 6 months now. I'm french (BAGUETTE !!) and I'm here to broke my habits. I fell in love with wheels only some months ago and I'm still looking for new riders in Montreal. I wanted total freedom when I left France, I found it in euc. I own a InMotion V5F+ and I've got some troubles when it rains. I think I should go to InMotion forum to get more resources about it. I am currently studying the market of euc. If you could help me in filling this form that would be very appreciated https://goo.gl/forms/KUwzJYkPsFlCC8Tj2
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