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Kingsong KS-18 1200w (AY+) question


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Hi everyone...

I've started seeing good deals on these 1200w euc's and I'm thinking of buying a second wheel especially for commuting.

What I'd like to ask anyone that has owned a 1200w ks-18a (y+ as they are called) is how about the reliability and what is it's max speed?

Some write 40km/h some write 45km/h. 

I can do well with 45 but 40 would quickly be annoying when I have to pass by something or I'm on an empty road. Sometimes the roads I'm on are nearly empty and they are like 6 lanes wide so plenty of visibility (China). It does allow me to increase speed when I'm alone, which I can't now on my Inmotion V8 that maxes at 30km/h. I've been thinking about unlocking it for 35km/h but I don't like to play with the safety margin. Gotway's are tempting but they seem to be more for play and less for commuting.

Anyway, back to the KS-18AY+ 1200w. Has anyone managed to damage one of these wheels in any way other than extreme offroading or getting it stuck under an obstacle?

My current wheel is a 16inch 800w(2000w max)@84v. Will this Kingsong feel comparatively sluggish being a 64v 18inch wheel?

Thanks /a

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