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New Year's Eve 1 Day Promotion for Mini Pro 320 Segway Ninebot

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Just for one day....  (today!)


Ninebot by Segway Mini Pro 320  (Standard Edition) for 490,- (without VAT and shipping).... PayPal Payment possible.

Or 480,- with paying over Bank Account, not PayPal!



1 free tire change service within the next 2 years. - You can choose between 3 different tire types:


Off-Road (see picture attatched)




The Off-Road and Hybrid tires has a bigger dimension, therefore higher fenders are required.

I offer this tire modification immediately (if you don't want to change it later), for only 50,- EUR

You will get 2 Hybrid or Off-Road tired and 2 higher fenders, instead of the original tires and fenders!


So the "New Years Eve" price for the modificated Segway Mini Pro 320 is  ONLY 540,- EUR (PayPal)  (without 20% VAT - Depends, on who is buying, and where it goes)


Here's the direct link to my online Shop:  https://www.ninebot-shop.at/ninebot-shop/angebote/



Happy New Year!





PS: Shipping in europe in all countries without Plane / Aircraft transportation possible!











Mini Pro Segway Off-Road Ninebots.at.jpg

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