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Elite pairing Keys, endless reboot

Urs brasil

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Attention when pairing a remote key on the Elite (mine as far as I know should be first generation Elite). The Instruction Manual explains exactly how it must be done. So at a certain Step you have to press this one little button beyond the power plug on the Elite using eventually a small stick once. OK

You read in the manual after pressing this hidden button a red LED will flash in this very place a few times...

Don't do the error Ive done by permanently pressing the hidden button until suddenly after a few seconds the red LED starts flashing. Only then I released the button...

FAR to late. Somehow the setup or pairing with the remote key went completely wrong. After each start using the remote Key the Elite would start, shut down and start all over again until I press a certain function key on the remote.

So getting out of this is easy. Just pair the key again but this time DONT permanently press but only once this dam button.



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