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Hello people. Im the guy who end up with Inmotion V5F bcs people on the airport dont let my brother take it on board so the things stay with me. I make post about it before 2-3 weeks. So anyway i start to ride it before 2 weeks. Just wish to share my progress with you guys. First time i raid it it was for 15 mins only and all what i can do is stand on it and hold to a wall with my hand. Second time i go with my wife for about 15-20 mins and i was able to stand on it with hand on the wall but i try to go little without holding the wall. Manage to do 5-10 meters before i lost balance. After this 2 times for 2 days i didnt touch it for a week. I spend some time on youtube and this forum to look for tips and guides. Third time i go i was able just to go on the unicycle without any help or wall next to me and go in a straith line for atleast good 20-30 meters (thats the lenght of my back street) Made this for 20 mins and then deside is enough. Try to turn but dont work for me. I go the next day to try only the turning part and after good 15 min im able to make turn on 180 degrees on one way street. I have problems with smaller turns but i think with the time will be more easy for me. The normal 90 degree turns are not problem for now. So let say after 2 hours of it i can say im ok with the unicycle. Ofc i need to practise a lot more bcs sometimes i make it good and sometimes my legs are shacking so much. I see people stay normal on it but for me somehow work better if im not standing straith. My knees are little bend like im skiing. If this will help someone he can try. I read for ppl that need more time to get up on the unicycle and to be able to ride it but for me look not so long time. Maybe is long. Have no idea. I dont know anyone who have unicycle. Im skiing from the time i was 4. When i was kid i was skiing every winter and on summer use roller blades. I play basketball for around 8 year in a team. Maybe all this give me good cordination and ballance. My only problem is that my legs hurt me so much. The bottom of my feed is just hurting after i spend 20 mins on the device. Other then this my lower back start to hurt too but i gues all this will go away after i spend some time and get use to all this.

Just want to say to everyone who thing to get one of this or already have but wish to give up after the first lesson. Dont give up. It look hard but when you understand how it work its a lot more fun. Your body and brain need little time to get use to the new conditions you put them in but after you assimilate the process is rly huge fun. 

Sry for my bad english and i hope you guys undertand me. Tnx to all ppl in the forum that make comments and give tip so ppl like me can learn faster.

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