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Cheap stand for V5F+ (maybe others)


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I've just been leaving my V5F+ balanced on the built in "stand" in the garage. When one of my kids accidentally knocked it over (no damage), I realized I had to do something to make it a little more secure when not in use.

I had some cable clamps that I figured I could screw into the existing hole on that plastic edge. Rummaging about, the cross bar on those wire shelves fit nicely in the clamp. I cut a piece that won't stick out too far, smoothed it out, rounded the edges, and covered it in heat shrink tubing. After finding a longer screw to accommodate the cable clamps, I screwed everything together. Also added the pad which acted as another stabilizing point. Took about 1/2 hour. I may have to find some black cable clamps, but it'll do for now.



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