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MCM4 and iPhone

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Just bought one of these to supplement my nearly one year old E+ Ninebot. Very noticeable stability change going from 16" to 14". 14" quite twitchy, but have to say it's noticeably sharper turning slow speeds. Ideally this unit needs a 16" wheel as a balance of speed vs stability....my view. Maybe should've bought the ACM instead. The app speed of 25kph is miles out, but it's deffo faster and more powerful than the Ninebot. My drive is steep and it pulls up it strongly.


I was told by the seller that you just unlock the tilt-back in the app to boost speed to 30kph (as advertised I might add).

There is a setting in the android app he tells me, that switches the restriction off. The iPhone doesn't appear to have this 'switch'. 

Do any of you know how to switch the tilt-back off in iOS?

Thanks in advance.


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