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Gotway MSuper app 4.0 for android problem with samsung galaxy s6


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Hello everyone,

I just got msuper v2 MS. Can't get to advanced menu settings, App is 4.0 version. I have Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, recent apps touchscreen button (rectangle in rectangle) has multiwindow function (samsung signiture feature) that cannot be deactivated from sistem settings menu, long pressing recent apps button activates split screen function instead of showing GW menu, so I then receive message "Gotway app does not support split screen view". There is a way to deactivate multiwindow by 3rd party Multiwindow Toggle for Samsung App, it does deactivate multiwindow, but then long pressing recent apps button does nothing else either. Has someone found workaround this problem?


BTW I have mcm4 hs also, great wheel, ride it a lot and no app problems with Samsung S6, I just pulled out 680wh panasonic battery from mcm4 to try out msuper (Ibought it without battery, basically for summer offroad use and longer trips and also out of pure curiosity:) and wanted to deactivate first 2 alarms and change mode to madden, didn't like a softish mode msuper comes with by default.

Thanks guys, greetings from Chile:)

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