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in need of an upgrade (airwheel x3)!


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i bought an airwheel x3 1,5 years ago. Had a lot of fun with it but now i want something faster/better/higher end.

I'd like the new wheel to satisfy as many of these requirements as possible.

Wheel Dia 14-16"
Range >20km
Max Speed 25 - 30kph
Price ~1000 Euro
Weight 10-15 kg
Look: stylish
Lights for saftey doesnt matter, yes
Saftey Sounds Configurable or quiet
Bluetooth perferred
Saftey features Good

i have 85 kg and i want kind of an allrounder wheel. (city and longer distances)

Is there anything fulfilling my criteria?

Thanks for your help & feedback.

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This one: https://m.alibaba.com/product/60490047653/Promotional-340-680wh-battery-GEEKWHEEL-DIY.html

Because it runs up to 30km/h. MicroWorks sells on his shop every part so later if there is something that brake, you can buy a spare part easily. Also we now know almost every detail of each part so is great to help for modding or repair. For instance, I now have the RGB LED bar MOD for the board of that EUC:


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