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Why the 1.1.7 is best option for downgrade?

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14 hours ago, Cardinale Luca Konnichiwa said:

Hey guys,

finally I got my Ninebot Mini and so far I am fine with the standard fw 1.2.2 (since I am wise enough to not update to 1.2.8 ;) )

I was wondering why you guys are suggesting to downgrade to 1.1.7.

What has in particular that version?

My Ninebot Mini also came with the 1.2.2 firmware and I did the same thing, I stayed on it, until the downgrade came. And after trying both 1.2.8 and 1.1.7 I can safely say that 1.2.2 is WORSE than 1.2.8. 
It seems that 1.2.2 implemented many of the safety features that are present in 1.2.8, but not as polished. For example, on 1.2.8 there is an alarm and beeping when you reverse at a certain speed. With 1.2.2 the alarm and beeping start immediately when you start reversing. 

The alarm for driving too fast also seemed to be more aggressive on 1.2.2 and would go off even at the slightest acceleration and trying to keep a stable speed. So I would have to keep a speed of 14km/h just to not let the alarm go off all the time. 1.2.8 seemed more stable and forgiving there. 

1.1.7 on the other hand feels very smooth. You can actually keep a stable 17-18km/h without any alarms going off. Going up and downhill also seems better, riding in rough terrain (very fun) and there is no beeping when going in reverse.
It just feels more as a real transportation vehicle now, compared to 1.2.2 and 1.2.8 when it felt as if the Ninebot constantly was trying to slow me down, warning me, vibrating my phone every minute and sounding like som sort of metal detector when I went past people on the street. 

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