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Is Splitting Lanes with ONCOMING Traffic a Thing in Some Parts of the World.


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Near the end of this Short, gas scooters and euc rider is actually riding on the other side of the yellow line, while hugging next to buses that had stopped on the yellow line.

The crazy thing is the oncoming traffic just go with the flow.

Moreover, are painted lines delineating lanes merely a suggestion?

Here you have gas scooters/motorcycles filtering through cagers, and euc's filtering through gas scooters/motorcycles.

It looks like there are still way too many cagers on the road. :) 



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Pretty much like Paris, they do this all the time. Even red lights are apparently just a suggestion. To add insult to injury I (and my wife) regularly get shouted at when crossing on green light by people who are crossing on red. The priority seems to depend on who is most willing and able to beat up the other / whose vehicle is most dangerous. Quite infuriating and depressing really.

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