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ks14m motherboard firmware update to ks14d ??


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hi riders!

my name is fleorio and i'm writing for help.

this week will arrive my first EUC. i buyed a KS14D with broken motherboard, plus parts from a KS14M ( motor, motherboard and plastics part) where we use the original ks14d part plus the ks14m motherboard.

the issue is that the ks14m is limited to 20km/h istead of 30km/h like the D version.

i red that ks14 d/m/s use same motherboard with different firmware. there is a way to update the firmware or unlocking speed in the ks14m mother board as the EUC have the spect to ride faster ??

just for info's, i buyed this package from an italian resereller at price of 380 euro with ship.

he provide me death on arrival warranty only as the euc was an used one.

thanks you for help and reading and sorry for my english but i'm doing my best :)

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Hi @FLEORIO , welcome here.

Sounds like a nice project, the 14D is a neat wheel for its size and weight.
You should be able to install the firmware of the 14D on the board of the 14M using the soft tuner app (apple App Store or search for android).

However if I can recall correctly, it's the same firmware for both 14M, D and S, and the difference in tiltback is based on the wheels serial number acting as an ID. There are tools that allow to change a KS serial number, but I cant remember what and where.

Good luck!

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