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BEGODE A2 firmware questions


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Hey, guys. Hope you're all well.

I have some questions about the firmware versions for the BEGODE A2 and I hope some of you would help me to clarify them. I have seen online other A2 riders showing to be able to use the function "fun LEDs", after installing the firmware version GW1511010, from november/2023. This is the only A2 firmware version available to me both at the android Begode app and at the ios Begode app. Locally, we have two other fellow A2 riders. One of them is using the same GW1511010 version and is also not able to use the fun LED function. The other one have the function working perfectly, but his firmware version is oddly GW1511011 (sharing a screenshot from his app), which I have no access from my two mobile phones (onde android and one iphone). I have not seen any mentions of this version anywhere and no one seems to have any idea on how he got access to this version. I have also EUCWorld installed on my android phone and there is an option there to upload firmware to the A2. There are several versions available there, but the newer one is GW1511009, from september/2023. I have also tried donwgrading to this version, with no success on the fun LED, so I turned back to GW1511010 from Begode app.

Questions are:
- have any of you guys got access to this GW1511011 firmware version to Begode A2?
- is any one of you guys also unable to activate the fun LEDs function on Begode A2? would you know why?
- is there any official release report from Begode about the firmware versions?
- have any of you guys any information about the "A2 50+" firmware available at the "project" session on the Begode app firmware update options (both android and iOs versions)?




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Version 11 was available for a period of time at the end of October. Then, it was removed and replaced for version 10 at the beginning of November. When I upgraded to v11, the fun leds started to work (and other options on the app). I "upgraded" to version 10 last week but didn’t notice any difference.

The fun leds are cool but… I stick to the original red/yellow when riding (so it’s useless and can’t customize it… like I would just take a full red light).

Im on iOs for the app.

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I got my A2 delivered a few days ago. It had the 1011 firmware installed. Fun LEDs enabled. I can update to 1013 in the Begode app. Curious what the 50+ is about but I don't dare update until my Lynx arrive in March/april. Read some bricked their wheels while updating and needing new controller board..

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I’m wondering if you ever received a response about the version firmware you speak of. 

Here was my experience, the firmware that arrived with the wheel worked perfectly and like a numb skull I decided to upgrade to the latest listed to the BeGode app using iPhone and lost the ability to change the Fun LED settings. I also unable to keep the settings I choose in settings. e.g vertical calibration. Once I set it then turn off the wheel the setting doesn’t keep and I have to set it again. I’m in contact with Alien rides to see if u can get the original firmware it shipped with. 😩

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