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I bought a hoverboard go-kart conversion by Hyper GoGo.  The kids like it and it's a quality build but the hoverboard we have is small for it.  There is a used Ninebot-S with a full-height steering column available locally.  I'm wondering if I can take the steering bar off completely and use it as a hoverboard under the cart.  The mechanism under the cart tips the hoverboard forward and back to control the speed.  Ninebot has a go-kart conversion but you plug the board into the controls on the kart.  I've never tried one of these Ninebot segway type hoverboards but it seems to me that it will work, unless the board just doesn't function when nothing is plugged into that port that the steering handlebar was plugged into.  Wondering if someone with experience with one of these can chime in?  thanks, Nate

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