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ew46 mobility scooter trouble

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I have a new ewheels ew46.  I enjoy the scooter with the exception of one issue.  When taking off on a slight incline or 3week old grass lawn, it doesn’t seem to have enough torque to get moving.  I have tried making sure battery is fully charged and that none of the brakes are dragging.  Still the same.  I can give it a little push and it takes off fine.

Anyone have any ideas how I can overcome this issue?

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22 hours ago, Yaf said:

Anyone have any ideas how I can overcome this issue?

Not all scooters are created equal. If you buy a commuter scooter they are generally under powered, and don't handle steep hills or off-road very well if at all. Remember that scooters have tiny tires that make them bad at handling obstacles.

If you get a dual motor performance scooter that has a minimum of 500W per motor then this shouldn't be a problem.

If you need a happy medium then I'd say buy a commuter scooter with dual 500+W motors. One middle ground standout exception is the emove cruiser s. It does fine even though it's single motor, and it has a 50+ mile real world range which is crazy high in the scooter world.

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