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Lose snow + steep hill = impossible?


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I had my first encounter with snow on my Sherman S last weekend.

I'm still on the original knobby tire. As I was driving through the woods the snow got deeper the further up I came in altitude. It was raining but had been snowing two days before so the snow was wet.

It felt okay riding on the flat but when it came to the hills I started to lose traction and had to push up the steepest parts.

Is s knobby tire the best type of tire for lose snow?

Definitely interested in some of your experiences.

I assume it is because when I lost traction the wheel dug through the snow into the firm ground underneath. 

Added a picture where you ofc can't see how steep it really is.


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You did well , the only thing that would have helped slightly in this case is studs. The bane of a  self balancing one wheeled device is that as soon as you lose traction the motor tries to compensate by adding more power and making the traction situation worse. You are also standing over that wheel, on a motorcycle you can lean over the front wheel and let off the power to regain stability.

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