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S22 Error 28 (or Error 228) Serial Number


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I got a new controller, got it installed in the carrier, plugged everything in, turned it on and err Er 28 on the screen. The KS App reports a serial number error. SoftTuner doesn't report an error, but does show a blank field for SN. From the link where I downloaded SoftTuner from KS's website, https://support.mykingsong.com/article/298-how-to-apply-serial-number-using-soft-tuner it implies there's a way to use the app to set the serial number. But I'm not finding it. Everything SN related that I can access doesn't seem to actually change a setting on the wheel. There's a "manager" tab in the app which has some additional settings, but most of those are inaccessible as it says I don't have the necessary access (I guess it requires a different account other than the credentials posted at the link).

Anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps there's a setting that I'm just overlooking in SoftTuner to get it done.

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