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Sherman-S Standing next to Patton


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MASTER -  PATTON - SHERMAN-S side by side


Pictures doesn't really do it justice, you have to see it in real space and time to get a grasp of the dimensions. Sherman-S is the juggernaut about but the same width as the Patton (without the power pads). Sherman-S is taller by at least 1.5-2 inches. Patton shell is more compact and smaller slightly smaller than the Master and by a few compared to the Sherman-S . Patton feels 10 lbs lighter than Sherman-S and around 10 lbs heavier than Master (stock). It's too early to say at this moment, but Patton is the wheel you want to get if you are wanting to do everything with it at the cost of range compared to the big brother Sherman-S. I plan to use the Patton as my "beater" wheel to do everything with and use during the Winter , keeping the Knobby on it. 
 My Patton is considered Batch 4, and my Sherman-S is Batch 3 

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