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Begode Monster Pro For Sale | Flawless Condition with Upgrades & Extras

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Hey guys ^_^
I have for sale my private, upgraded (pads, pedals, cooling modification, lights on pads) electric unicycle - Begode Monster Pro (MPRO), which I purchased on October 1, 2022, at the EUNICYCLES store in Wrocław, Poland.
Why am I selling? Because I'm upgrading to a more powerful unicycle.
The seller's warranty includes:
- MPRO until October 1, 2024,
- Battery pack until October 1, 2023.
No need for an invoice for the warranty, as the MPRO serial number alone is sufficient.
From October 1st, 2022 until today, the MPRO has covered 10 600 km. Its range is as good as when it was brand new.
Technical specifications:
  • Maximum driving speed: 70 km/h,
  • Range: 100-200 km,
  • Engine power: 3500W,
  • Battery capacity: 3600Wh 100.8V,
  • Wheel size: 24”,
  • Weight: 42 kg,
  • Maximum load: 150 kg,
  • Battery charging time: 8h,
  • Built-in lights for night driving: YES,
  • Brake light: YES,
  • Bluetooth speakers: YES,
  • Side LED colored lights: YES,
  • Bluetooth: 4.0,
  • Android / iOS app: YES,
  • Battery indicator: YES.
Items included in the sale:
  1. Begode Monster Pro (3500W engine, 100.8V 3600Wh LG M50LT battery, 24-inch wheel size - the only unicycle model on the market with such wheel size, black motherboard, small bearings),
  2. Original saddle,
  3. Installed pedals - Nylonove XL black-red (cost about 215 EUR),
  4. Installed pads - Grizzla Pads Flow BIG red (cost about 193 EUR),
  5. Mounts dedicated to Grizzla Pads Flow BIG, custom-made by Grizzla for Japanese Cateye lamps (cost about 106 EUR) - up to 900 lumens from rear lights visible from over a kilometer away!
  6. Tubeless tire installed - Michelin City Extra 90/90-14 57S (cost about 52 EUR) + 90-degree aluminum valve 8.3 mm,
  7. 100.8V charger,
  8. Additional 100.8V charger - charging time with two chargers from 0-100% is only 4h,
  9. Original pedals,
  10. Original Begode pads,
  11. Purchase proof - invoice,
  12. Manufacturer's documents - manual, product compliance card.

The Begode Monster Pro being sold is:

  1. Fully functional: front light (steady + flashing), rear, LEDs front and back, driving modes (strong/medium/soft), accelerates, brakes, maintains high speeds, keeps controller temperature low thanks to cooling system modifications regardless of the weather, rim in perfect condition - no vertical or horizontal wobbling, tire perfectly aligned (no vertical or horizontal wobbling), charges to nominal values i.e., 100.8V,
  2. Fully safe: LG M50LT battery packs are completely safe and efficient,
  3. Upgraded: pads and pedals, but most importantly - Monster Pro has installed air intakes and exhaust. Without these modifications, there's no way to ride the Monster in the summer (at slow speeds it reaches temperatures of 60-70°C, with sharp acceleration and braking it instantly goes over 70°C, and from 80°C it does tiltback (tilts the rider backward)). Additionally, without cooling modifications, it cannot maintain high speeds for several kilometers.

Common myths about MPRO:

  • The wheel doesn't turn - it turns very well and predictably unless you weigh less than 60 kg. Why? Because Monster provides a colossal gyroscopic effect, unmatched by other wheels. What does this mean? It's ULTRA stable, calm, and predictable. For me, it means that I took the Monster on routes from 75km to 200km and was relaxed, whereas with Sherman Max after 60 km I was exhausted by Sherman's nervousness,
  • The wheel is prone to fires - if you flood the wheel and cause a short circuit, then yes, there's a chance of a fire. If you have the older batteries, namely LG M50T, then the risk of fire is also greater,
  • The wheel doesn't brake - of course, it doesn't brake with the same force as Master, S22 PRO, Sherman MAX/ S, but it does brake. I've traveled over 8000 km and wherever I needed to stop - whether in traffic, among pedestrians, or competing in the Polish Championships 2023, I could.

Additional information:

  • The Michelin City Extra tire provides excellent traction on compacted wet or dry roads and very good traction on gravel. It's quiet and provides almost unlimited traction,
  • Some parts are wrapped in waterproof tape - this way I further protected it from the rain,
  • Is it suitable as a first wheel? If you weigh over 60 kg, then yes, it's suitable. In my opinion, it's simpler and easier to ride than, for example, Sherman Max or Begode Master,
  • The Monster Pro being sold, with all accessories and modifications, cost me almost 4300 EUR,
  • I ranked 5th in my category at the Polish UTO Championships 2023 on this Monster, competing against wheels like S22 Pro, Sherman MAX, Sherman S.


Price: 2 600 EUR (i have Revoult). Pick-up in Poland or courier delivery.







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