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Problem bedding new tire and tube on KS6X


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I decided it was time to change my tire and tube after a couple of years of riding, but I'm having some trouble getting the tire to seat properly on the rim.

I've tried pusing it, pulling it, massage it, using soap water around the rim to make it easier to bed in, and have inflated and deflated it a number of times, but the tire seem to be having trouble around the valve part of the tube and it's like its pushing it up. I've also tried taking it out for a small ride to see if that would make the tire bed itself, but it hasn't fixed the issue and tired is wobbly.

Have anyone dealt with this problem before?

Pictures for visualizing the problem. It's when the tire is inflated, when deflated and a look "under the hood" at where the valve stem sits.

The Tire is this:

And the tube is this:




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I have dealt with this issue for a while on my Master. I found certain tubes have a large firm base area around the stem that wants to sit in the rim preventing the tire bead from seating properly.  

I figured out something that works for me; After I put the tube and tire on, I slightly inflate the tube to just be full without actually registering any pressure. Then I push the value stem in a little until it clears the tire bead. Normally makes a Pop feeling. The last time I did a tire change the valve stem had to be pushed in almost to the rim. Then was able to grab it and pull it back out enough to add air.  I also put the valve cap on before pushing it in to prevent it from going all the way through the rim.  Then I inflate it to about 6-7psi. and adjust the tire on the rim, pushing, pulling and making sure it is centered. Then I inflate to about 12psi and check the tire, if all was good, I inflate to 35psi and check again.

I found the Kenda tubes give me the most problems.

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