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Buying a King Song 14s (or other?) in Europe


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Hello, i am new on this forum and i hope i created this topic in an appropriate category. :)

My short story to give some context: i have used Xiaomi M365 electric scooter for a few years. I like it being a more convenient alternative for a bike or public transport. However, after some time i came to the conclusion it's too slow for me and its small wheels with lack of suspension makes a ride irritating sometimes. At some day i encountered EUC videos on YouTube and have watched a ton of them since. I really got hyped about it and the fact that a low-level EUC can be faster and more nimble than a scooter (comparing KS 14s vs M365 now :) ) - and yes, i am totally aware their consumer target and price are different, but for me EUC is like a next step in the Personal Electric Vehicles journey (faster, more nimble, better range).

A couple of years forward and i have been quite decided that i want to buy King Song 14s - from various comparisons and tests i got to know it has quite good quality, decent power and its 840Wh battery (though i know there is a smaller variant and also a sibling 14d model with even smaller battery, which i am not a fan of) has probably the biggest capacity in its price range. Now i am doing a research where to buy 14s and maybe somebody could recommend some other model if i am missing something?

Some requirements i have about my future EUC:

  • power: about 1kW (14s has 800W... and its a lot more than peak 500W in Xiaomi M365 and even 600W peak in M365 Pro :D )
  • weight: below 20kg (M365 has 12.6kg, so just a few more kg would be fine); i would like to avoid having a heavier wheel at least for a first wheel; i know wheels with suspension tend to weigh above 20kg... but maybe for a second wheel :)
  • tire size: 14 or 16 inch. I heard that bigger wheels are more stable to ride, but bigger wheel rather means heavier ride (which i would like to avoid). Smaller wheels tend to be more nimble in lower speeds, which i would like to get advantage of for some stunts maybe (...after i will get to know how to ride efficiently :D )
  • price: less than 1500 USD/EUR
  • shipping to Poland in Europe (EU)


So, i have been searching through some shops and unfortunately 14s seems to be less popular/available than 14d (which i want to avoid, because it has a smaller battery and seems to have a software limiting its top speed if battery level goes under ~50% - at least eWheels shop states that https://www.ewheels.com/product/king-song-14s-840wh-battery-800w-motor/ ). I could buy 14s from eWheels.com, but i am not sure about Warranty and overall price when shipped abroad. There is at least one shop in Europe: kingsong-france.fr and green220.com.

I am also a bit hesitant if i should wait, because King Song seems to have a new/refreshed 14s variant, but i haven't found it in sale (despite they say that refreshed 14s has been since August 12, 2022, which is a year now).

I will be thankful for any advices - whether about where i should buy 14s or maybe there is a better wheel (with better purchase availability) - are much appreciated. :)

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