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Fork vs Linkage Suspension


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9 minutes ago, Rawnei said:

If sliding mechanism is already enclosed might as well act as suspension also, but you're replying to something that was also written before Adventure was announced.

I have an S22, I was one of the first people to advocate how easy it is to service the wheel, just changing rollers is not enough, on my S22 the paint inside the channels has come off in places where rollers have moved the most creating uneven surface and stiction not to mention sliders themselves rubbing against opening of channels, an open design is problematic in multiple ways, it works for a while but will eventually wear in different ways.

Chinese seals do not leak by default, that's a QC problem in FastAce factory not installing seals properly, one don't "have to" change seals if QC worked as it should which it doesn't for any of these wheel manufacturers, changing oil seal is not a particularly painful or messy procedure, I have done it twice, it was easy but it's not relevant you are mixing apples and oranges here.

Your whole argumentation how suspension should "feel" comes down to tuning, tune the rebound and dampening to make it feel like you want.

Motorcycles don't need the wheel to slide up and down, as they have two wheels the rear wheel can be on a swivel so it's not a valid comparison as there's completely different challenges to overcome.

EUC suspension is still very new, it will take time before it's perfect, as we can see all the manufacturers have different approaches, time will tell what works best.

Yes, s22 suspension slider is not a good design, first slider version was really bad and even the latest version have opening on the top where small stones can get in and break the rollers. I drilled hole and riveted a thin rubber sheet seal on the top of the sliders. Now I have a 1000km with KS22 pro, channels are good, but two rollers (white) were broken (molding defects) I bough Hou nings sliders for longer travel and and easier to change the rollers. Also suspension linkage bolts were too short and they were binding arms and breaking suspension bearings, I got better ones from Hou.

Chinese rubber seals are very cheap. it is automated production and only way they can make them cheaper is to choose cheaper not so good quality material.

Suspension damping system is quite complex design with shim stacks (progressive valves), fluid channels, needle valves and it has to be tuned right for the shock. Chinese are making very cheap low end systems and to make them cheap they have to cut many corners. 'Tuning' the rebound or compression knobs wont help if the design of damping system is not good.

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