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Electromagnetic screening of our EUC's (KS-16X example)


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Hello dear members of this fine forum,

My first post here will be for those interested in EMF (electromagnetic fields) exposure associated with our wheels and possible ways to reduce it. I am aware still not too many consider this subject relevant, but - despite what some may think - it still negatively affects our health in many ways even if it can not be perceptible right away, and there are tons of research to support it as well as court trials won by people damaged by EM radiation, like brain cancers after many years of extensive cell phone usage. Human beings especially susceptible to even weakest artificial EM fields aren't to be convinced about irrelevance of this matter.

Ok, so I've decided to reduce my EMF exposure (bluetooth - BT - in this case) when using my ks. Vital organs closest to the source of wheel radiation would be our jewels. Using a decent EMF meter (Safe and Sound Pro II) I measured the level of EM field intensity at the point where it is strongest (sorry to have you visit external site, I tried to embed photos here but to no avail):


So, more or less, ca. 20,000 uW/m2 (20 thousand microwatts per sq. meter), it is comparable to holding a BT enabled mobile a few cm's from your head. Radiation reaching jewels was ca. 1,000 uW/m2:


To screen my ks I used a regular aluminum foil and a double-sided scotch tape. I covered tightly whole top of the wheel and few centimeters downwards from the top with around 15 layers of al. foil, leaving no gaps except for holes for trolley handle. Result is:


Around 1.000 uW/m2 (ca. 20x less radiation) and jewels radiation around 200 uW/m2 (ca. 5 times lower than before):



Curious thing is, a mobile BT connection still works (with so much weaker power), so turns out it is not necessary for a factory to set so high of a value for it to work properly. I use roll.nz neoprene cover, so almost all foil remains behind it, what allows me not to be exposed as an fan of tin-foil hats...

Please keep in mind that it is a basic, even primitive way of doing it, but also the easiest one - not requiring a disassembly. More elegant manner would be to cover the wheels interior with the foil instead, but - at least for the motherboard - it could be risky as it could reduce air flow around it and cause temperature rise and maybe moisture condensation as well. I guess a closest to perfect way would be to install a physical on/off BT switch outside and be able to turn it on and off at will, as not everybody needs a permanent connection during a ride.

All exposure levels I posted are peak levels, not average ones, and many independent researchers point that the peak radiation values are to be considered most dangerous to our health as opposed to average field intensity.

Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read this, maybe some food for thought.










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