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(US) S22 with loads of upgrade

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Hi, Selling my S22 OG (Batch 2 from Alien Ride) in Excellent condition.

Selling for $2500, Located in Bay Area, CA. 
$3000 if Fox Shock is included.

Prefer local sale.
I can ship the wheel at the buyer’s expense but I do require upfront full payment through Zelle.
( I have a group of folks in NYC that can vouch for me)

The wheel never had any issues, no stator slippage and the motor is pinned.
The wheel has 2200 miles and has almost all possible upgrades done.
It currently has 1 year left on Alien Ride’s 2-year warranty. 

Upgrades/come with
-Shinko 244 (less than 100 miles ridden) 
-Michelin Pilot Street 2 90/90 (1500miles ridden) 
-Fox DHX2 Shock with 550LBS Spring 
-E-Ride Ironman Pedals with risers 
-Nylonove S22 Fairings 
-NingNing CNC Sliders with Nylon66 Rollers 
-Cane Creek Valt Progressive spring 450lbs - 550lbs 
-Upgraded Linkage Bolts 
-DNM Stock Shock with 750lbs spring
-Kingsong CNC Sliders (New)
-Stock Pads, Pedals, Pad Blocks(like new)
-Clark BioPads

Total Upgrades: $1500

IMG_7069 Large.jpeg

IMG_7070 Large.jpeg

IMG_7071 Large.jpeg

IMG_7072 Large.jpeg

IMG_7073 Large.jpeg

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