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Patton front bumper bolt bottoming out


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I was overzealous when removing parts to get to the axle bolts and removed the front bumpers before I realized I didn't need to.  I'm running into an issue where the bottom bolt underneath the foot pedal is bottoming out before it's tight.  All the bolts that came out are the same length and none of them have extra washers on them.

Has anyone taken the front bumper off and been able to get it back on with out the bolt bottoming out?  Barring that could take a look and see if something's weird with the bolt that holds on the bottom of the front bumper underneath the pedal.  Is it tightly mounted under the pedal?


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On 7/22/2023 at 7:36 PM, Barefooter said:

All the bolts that came out are the same length

BZZZZ   thanks for playing..  no they aren't   One is just a little bit shorter..


On one side one was a little shorter.  On the other all bolts were the same length.

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