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Veteran Patton Water Resistance Notes


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EDIT: 3d printable cover replacement here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6137788

The top battery gasket doesn't actually seal the entire way for my model. The long side of the rectangular gasket isn't actually sealing. Any fix for this other than adding sealant? The bottom side is actually more water resistant as the gasket is actually sealing it.IMG_2702.thumb.jpg.db3173d46c841db2387d8f77eb01738d.jpg
Other than that, the wheel be more waterproof when adding silicone sealant to 2 parts: the plastic top cover and the top of the battery box where it meets the top plate. The battery can be sealed without disassembly like I did, but it won't be sealed (without difficulty) at the inner side that faces the tire. It will still be very well water resistant otherwise as water will probably never even reach the inner side. Also add o rings to the exposed top bolts (3/16" ID, 5/16" OD works for me). DO NOT add sealant on the bottom part of the screw holes for the top plastic cover. It'll make it brittle.IMG_2719.thumb.jpg.e04b4c0e45f18492ae82a5089f6db24d.jpg
Also add sealant around the edges of the display as rain can get into that too.
Overall, it's a very cheap upgrade for ~$7 for the sealant. Leaperkim could have easily made it that much more waterproof though if they had better gaskets and added a gasket for the top cover.
BIGGEST ISSUES: Charge cover is not really water resistant as it's very easily removable. Even with the cover on there is a gap around the edge that water can seep through. This gap allows water to go into an existing hole that allows water to get into the top plastic cover. Also, the top plastic cover screw holes are very deep and allows water to fill into it, potentially allowing water to get in. Easiest fix is to tape over the screws. Or just use a plastic bag over the entire thing.
Here is a 3d printable cover replacement. It's more water resistant but water can still seep through in very heavy downpours, but i'm not sure how likely that is. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6137788
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