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Begode Master Molicel P42A - $2600 or trade for smaller wheel.


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I just bought a Sherman S and while I love this Master, keeping one of them is enough. I'm now mainly looking to trade for a smaller/lighter wheel to run errands with.

I'm selling/Trading a P42A (Molicel) Begode Master, 250 miles, owned for less than 2 months, never dropped, never crashed. Bought from Alien Rides with warranty until June 2025. I'm local to NYC/NJ and can ship anywhere in the US (or Canada)

Asking $2600 (pretty firm) or trade for a smaller/lighter wheel. Mostly looking for an errand wheel so I can make short trips, speed doesn't really matter as long as it's under 75 lbs. I live on the 3rd floor with no elevator so weight matters a lot.

Molicel version allows you to hold high speed even at lower battery without fear of voltage sag cutout like normal 50E. I have torqued this wheel to 35 mph at 20% battery a few times and never had issue. Top speed ever achieved is 45 mph GPS (49 mph EUCWorld)

What you're getting
- All accessories (Fairings, pads, bumpers, handles.). The pads I'm using now is a black Grizzla Flow clone, not the one in these photos.
- Stock 3A charger.
- Michelin Pilot Street 2 Tire (installed), can also include stock CST186
- Begode CNC spiked pedals, or NyloNove XL pedals for $40 more.

May be an image of segway and tool bag

May be an image of segway and textMay be an image of scooter, segway and text

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