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What silicone to get for inner shell, AR Nikola?


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Hi all, so I have an AR Nikola + that when purchased I had them do the fan upgrade for, (they put in 2 smaller fans) instead of the stock one. Both fans are held in place by black silicone. 

After my last ride, when I arrived back home I could hear fan noise much louder than usual with a rattling sound too. My (blue)LED lights were going crazy as well, rapidly circling around while stopped, (they only rotate as the wheel is rolling). I powered off and on again and all was back to normal though.

I  removed side panel and I see that one fan has completely come off from the inner shell and the other is only attached by about 1/4" of silicone.

I was just wondering what silicone I need to attach those fans back to the inner shell? I see a ton of different types but I don't know if there is any specific one I should be looking at or anything I should try to stay away from? Haven't used silicone for anything before so not sure what exactly I need.

Home Depot guy suggested J&B Weld plastic bonder but that didn't seem quite right. 


Thanks for any suggestions!



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Early on, silicone sealers produced acetic acid as it cured. Not sure if the current silicone products do now, but the early silicone sealants were corrosive as they cured.  I used a urethane based sealant when I had something I needed sealed.  When I replaced the motherboard on my V12 I used Stikaflex (probably 297).  I know it isn’t what is generally recommended but I am comfortable using it, I know it is a rather tenacious bond but I know the cure doesn’t any problems. 

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