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Veteran Sherman S - Free Shipping in US

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I purchased the Sherman S from eWheels recently and it’s awesome. However, coming from a V11, it feels a bit too big and I don’t need the range or speed. It comes with side pads, pads over the suspension, and an upgraded seat (along with the original). I’ll have to check the mileage, but I think I have about 150 miles on it. Never dropped. 

Located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Cell 559-203-9578. I have some history on here and just sold my V11 on this forum. 

It has the 58lb suspension. I’m 180lb and haven’t been able to bottom it out.  Comes with the eWheels 1 year warranty. 

Price: $3,900


pics: https://imgur.com/a/zCCpVWD

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2 hours ago, Biggane said:

Bump: $3,400 for local pick up (I had no idea it would be so hard to sell a Sherman S).

I started on a v11 as well. It’s taking me about 450km to get comfortable on the wheel. I saw that you recently sold the v11 and have a patton on the way. A Sherman/patton combo would be really nice to have. Maybe give the SS a bit more time and see if you change your mind. 

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Bump: $3,200 for local pick up ($3,350 shipped). Also, ewheels is sending out the new pedals, etc., that veteran offered to all Sherman s customers. I’ll send that once they arrive. 

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