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Updated firmware on S22 Eagle to 2.27, now get Error 32 on startup


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Apparently that's "Lift switch is out of order, please release the handlebar or check whether the lift switch sensor has experienced a short circuit."


I moved the switch back and forth several times, no effect.


Now I'm not sure if it's related to the firmware update or just an unfortunate coincidence, but I haven't even had a chance to ride this thing yet - it's brand new. Does anyone know what it could be? Maybe a loose cable or something? Before the update it would turn on and I could push it back and forth and everything seemed fine, now there's no power to the wheel, I can rotate it with my hand - unless I try to lean it back on the stand, then it spins up like crazy.


Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Ok I've solved it. Apparently when updating the firmware all the calibration values were reset. I had to redo the horizontal calibration and now it's working as it should be.

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