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Veteran Sherman Max No CON Error (but wheel still works)


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Anyone know how to fix this? 

This happened after work. I turned it on and got this error message: "no CON". Every 5-10 seconds, the display will flicker off and then back on with the same message. 


The wheel still works though. I rode it home 5km (going 20km/h). Back home, I plugged the charger, unplugged it, turned Sherman on/off, re-plugged it. Did the same on the other charger port. But nothing changed. There was no issue on the ride to work. 

Veteran Sherman Max with 3000km on it. In the past, I've got the no CON message, but only while charging, and turning it on/off fixed it, but not sure what's going on this time. 


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On 5/24/2023 at 4:03 PM, Lorescribe said:

Paul D, 
can you elaborate? I just had the same issue with my S, which then reset. Total miles traveled went from 1250 to 0. The hell?

You need an android phone to do the firmware update. I have an Apple.   It hasn’t happened to me again yet. 

I can’t elaborate further, I’ve just read about it here. 

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