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V13 Warning ⚠️ symbol at 37mph


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Yea, I have done a diagnostic and it passes. I did upgrade to the latest firmware. And now my max speed is 55mph instead of the previous 56mph. So maybe the add this alarm in the firmware update. I did have a previous cutout going over a speed bump at around 20mph 2 weeks ago. Inmotion has my log files and are reviewing them.


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On 3/24/2023 at 8:17 AM, pixelmajic said:

I keep getting this warning symbol at 37mph. I have the wheel speed max set at 56mph. I also seem to be getting titlback at 37mph. Any ideas?

Marty Backe ran into this issue. The V13 lowers the top speed if the pedal settings are softer. Being unfamiliar with Inmotion EUCs, Marty saw the setting for "pedal softness", and thought that 0% meant zero softness and would be hard mode. At 0%, the V13 limited top speed to 37 mph. Once he got the settings straightened out, with "pedal softness" at 100%, the top speed is 56 mph, but Inmotion speeds are about 7% high, and the GPS top speed is around 52 mph.


Marty had Dawn Champion do top speed runs, 52 mph GPS, 83.7 kph.


16 hours ago, pixelmajic said:

And now my max speed is 55mph instead of the previous 56mph.

Try changing the user settings from imperial to metric, then set the top speed to max (90 kph), then change back to imperial, and it should show 56 mph (55.9 mph rounded up). It's a quirk in some Inmotion EUCs.

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