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Ninebot One S2 - LEDs error after MB replaced


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Hi all, I agreed it was more appropriate to open a new thread for this issue.

After replacing the vehicle Motherboard and activating the new SN, a strange error occurs to me: when I start the vehicle, the last two rear Leads flash red, the last front LED flashes green and the vehicle responds with a Tilt- Back to 10Km/h.

Before replacing the Motherboard this problem did not occur and the vehicle reaches 32Km/h.

As you can see in this little video, the voltage of battery packs is correct at 60v as it always was, but the behavior of vehicle is not correct 😢

( Google Photos ) https://photos.app.goo.gl/r5fRiKFqPJLdg4Nw8

I tested all available firmwares:

- 1.0.8

7.6.0 ( I need this for 32km/h or more )

- 7.6.0 no BMS

- 7.6.5

With all firmwares except version 7.6.0 the vehicle runs well but the speed is not acceptable.  I don't care which firmware to install, the goal is to get the vehicle back to its previous speed (32Km/h) or higher.

Thanks for your help!

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