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V8F Vibrating When Stationary and Leaning Left


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I recently had a pretty bad accident when accelerating on my V8F. The fuse popped because I was drawing well over 30 amps, and I realized upon taking it apart that the fuse is indeed a 30 amp fuse. I've replaced it with a bigger one and the wheel seems alright to ride now. I also fixed all internal damage with some plastic weld and strong epoxy. I had put thread locker on all major screws and even put some thin adhesive backing foam in places to ensure the shell and everything was fitting super snug together. However, after all this, it still vibrates when leaning left, more so when stationary than riding. I've checked that there is no tolerance between the motor and the shell, and it seems very tight. The board is also secured down tight, with some rigid UV cure plastic stuff on the sides for good measure to keep it even more steady. Alas, still vibrates.... But only when leaning left. Perfectly normal when leaning right. It's quite strange and I have no idea what the issue is.

Tl;dr: I've tightened everything and done all fixes I know of, but my V8F still vibrates, but only when leaning left.

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Might be a dumb thing to bring up, but could your valve stem be hitting the plastic? I noticed on my V8f if I had my feet tight to the plastic they bend in slightly and this made the valve stem slap the body 

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