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[For Sale] Gotway Nikola+ ($1200), Kingsong 14D ($450) Washington DC area


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The following wheels are working properly.  I'm now using the Begode Master for my main wheel and a Tesla V3 for my more portable wheel for trips on trains and such.  Looking to sell them because I'm told they take too much space in the garage.


Gotway Nikola+

$1200 if local pick up.  $1325 shipped via UPS.  Will take cash/Venmo/Zelle/(Paypal Invoice will add on 3% extra fee).




1. Range -         40-50 miles. 1800 wh.  2x 900 wh battery packs.

2. Speed -        ~40 mph

3. Motor -         2000W nominal, peaks much higher

4. Weight -       60 lbs.

5. Bluetooth speakers

Full Technical History

1. Age -                1 year 10 months.  Purchased November 2020 by first owner.  I am the second owner and purchased it in January 2022.

2. Mileage -         1324 km/863 miles logged when connected to Begode app.

3. Battery -         Left pack is 1 month old.  There was an issue with the original left battery pack that made the euc unable to be charge to 100V.  It was replaced with this $599 pack https://www.euco.us/products/gotway-100v-battery-900wh?token=c81aaa28-6f43-4a5a-ae24-1fb842391526&utm_source=yotpo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=map&ref=yotpo_8 early in August.  The euco engineer adapted that battery pack with a XT60 connector to make it compatible to my current wheel.  The wheel is in working order and I've ridden about 150 miles since then.  

4. All other parts are original

5. Other Notes -  Comes with charger. 4 oz Slime tube sealant in tire. No serious falls over 5 mph.  No cracks in shell.  There are some scratches and leftover adhesive and velcro strips.  Charge port cover is missing. I've had some close calls with wobbles.  It seems like a known issue across all Nikolas.  It happens when you try to stop too quickly.  Having your feet positioned with an offset helps.  While the top speed is 40 mph, this is only the case when fully charged.  You are in danger of cut outs as the battery level drops.  I would recommend setting a ceiling of 30 mph so you have plenty of headroom even at low charge.  You can use an app like EUC world to set alarms and tiltback.


Kingsong 14D

$450 if local pick up.  $550 shipped via UPS.  Will take cash/Venmo/Zelle.





1. Range -         15-20 miles. 420 wh.

2. Speed -        18.6 mph

3. Motor -         800W sustained, 2400W peak

4. Weight -       32 lbs.

5. Bluetooth speakers

Full Technical History

1. Age -               2 years, 4 months.  Purchased May 2020 by first owner.  I am the second owner and purchased it in October 2021.

2. Mileage -        1295 km/804 miles logged when connected to Kingsong app.

3. All parts are originial

5. Other Notes -  Comes with charger.  Comes with 5 extra ATM-40 40A fuses.  I've only had to replace the fuse once when hitting a big branch on a trail.  Minor crack in shell (see first image).  There are some scratches as well.  Charge port cover is missing.  Some tape on the handle.  Handle can be finicky when closing it.  You may have to press in on the little metal piece that locks the handle in place.  This is a great beginner wheel and very fun to do tricks on such as curb hopping.

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additional payment option paypal
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Bump, actively looking to sell these 2 wheels again.

Nikola was ridden an additional 10 or so miles.  Otherwise everything else is same as in the initial post.

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