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Seattle area $300 -EUC Fire Extinguisher-Class D

Marky Mark

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Have you been hearing about all the EUC and other Lithium battery fires lately and it's making you nervous? 

Want to have the best protection in case of a thermal runaway at your home?

For $300 this can provide you with better peace of mind.

I sold both my EUC's yesterday on this EU Forum and now have no need for my specialized Class D Copper Powder fire extinguisher.

These things are incredibly expensive, but it was the only way my wife would let me keep my EUC's in the house. This extinguisher was purchased new by me in December of 2020 from Western Fire & Safety in Ballard. If you can even find them they cost in excess of $1500. This copper powder extinguisher was specifically developed and currently used on U.S. Navy submarines as the best way to deal with heavy metal fires. It is not to be used for paper, plastic, grease, wood, etc.. 

This extinguisher has never been used/discharged. Annual testing was last performed in Nov. 2021 and is due for recheck in Nov. 2022. This costs about $15-$20 every year. Save big-time over the cost of a new one. Don't confuse this with the less expensive Sodium Chloride (corrosive) Class D extinguishers. Copper powder and Sodium Chloride are both effective and rated for lithium fires, it's just that if used, you shouldn't have to worry about everything in the surrounding area being dusted with corrosive powder.

It weighs about 55 pounds and is pretty cumbersome to move around. 

This is a sale for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in Redmond - **No Shipping** and CASH ONLY SALE.

Please message me for details and photos.



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