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V8S Red ! on the back


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Hello, I just bought my Inmotion V8S. I have now about 150 km on it. 

Since yesterday it has a red ! on its back. The same sign it would show if I had transportation mode still activated. 

Does anyone know what this means? 

Cheers, Jenny

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Can you clarify what you mean by 'red !'? Is this the little triangle symbol near the battery indicator, the tail light which looks like an upside down exclamation point, or something else? (a photo might help)

If it's the triangle symbol near the battery, it could indicate an issue. Have you tried using the diagnostics option available in the settings of the inmotion app to see if it finds any faults?

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That is the tail light on this vehicle. AKA the brake light. (I have no idea why inmotion decided to make it look like that on this model wheel.)

As far as I am aware it is fully normal for that light to be on when the EUC itself is powered on.

I just turned on my v10f to compare, and even without the headlight on that rear light is illuminated by default.

I would not be worried about this at all unless you are having some other symptom; it is to provide better visibility to other vehicles particularly at night.

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